Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that you have read, understood, and agree to all of the terms and conditions listed below before registering, purchasing, and downloading the items for personal or professional use.

Assuming that you abide by all terms and conditions, the programme is provided by the website genericpack.com. Please stop using our website right now if you disagree with them.

1. License and DMCA

The website’s digital goods were all created by one or more developers and are all distributed under the GNU General Public Licence.

Only personal use is permitted for these items and any other content on the website. You should purchase the products directly from the developers if you intend to use them for commercial (business) reasons. Without reselling them (i.e., charging your clients directly for the plugin/theme), you can utilise those products on their websites.

We do not offer any licences or trial/commercial keys required for these programmes to update automatically. The website’s items are all fully functional over an infinite number of websites (domains). no need for licence keys.
It is completely forbidden to utilise any graphics (images, icons, pictures, or videos) from the demo content for any reason. Before using the product, please read the licence conditions completely.

2. Product Delivery

You can download the purchased items from your account page’s “Downloads” section when your payment has been confirmed. Normally, this happens between ten and fifteen minutes after the money is made. Additionally, a letter including instructions on how to download the product will be sent to your email address. Please register with a legitimate email address.

The processing of your order could take a few days if you want to utilise PayPal electronic checks (PayPal e-Check).

All digital goods come with the option of free downloads and updates for a year from the date of purchase, or for the rest of your life if you selected a lifetime package.

3. Payment

Basic Terms.
You consent to pay Genericpack the one-time fee for the chosen digital goods by choosing a product or service. We don’t accept recurring or subscription payments. You won’t ever be charged again. There is no refund for payments.

4. Refund Policy

Every purchase is final. Except in the event that the digital product is entirely useless, no refunds will be offered.

We need time to try to fix the digital product if it isn’t usable. If not, we will issue a refund.

5. Support Policy

We only offer consultations and basic technical support. For instance, we can help with the installation of digital goods but we don’t undertake any freelance labour.

Please ask freelancers for assistance if you require installation or setup services for products you’ve purchased from our website.

6. Privacy Policy

Any data the buyer provides will only be used for the transaction, delivery, alerts of new software releases, and resolutions of any customer care problems.

You agree to receive emails in exchange for your registration on the website (newsletter subscription). Please let us know if you’d prefer not to receive these messages. Within 24 hours of receiving your feedback, we’ll remove your email address from our mailing list..

7. Guarantees

Any digital item purchased from the website is warranted to be free of malware, viruses, and advertising. We cannot, however, promise that the products you buy from our website will function precisely as you expect them to. For example, we cannot guarantee that a new update will function exactly the same as an older one if new issues are discovered.

Every digital product is offered “as is.” We disclaim responsibility for any site damage resulting from the usage of the downloaded products.

8. Terms and Conditions

Without previous warning, the website retains the right to alter or amend the terms and conditions. Additionally, we retain the right to alter the conditions of subscriptions and the sale of digital goods. Any plugins or themes may be deleted at any moment or changed with new ones. If the terms of the sale of digital products or subscriptions change, we accept no responsibility to you or any third parties. If a user violates the rules, we reserve the right to terminate their account. Access to your user account and your files may not be shared or sold.

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